I-94 Rail Coalition

Welcome to the I-94 Rail Coalition! We are a grassroots organization supporting a heavy rail corridor for MnDOT's
Rethinking I-94 project.

Minnesota is ushering in a new era of rail transportation with new regional and intercity routes being proposed, planned, and funded every year. As our network looks to grow, centered around our two downtown stations, there remains a gaping hole in our ambitions. Minneapolis Target Field and St. Paul Union Depot, both establishing themselves as the transportation hubs of their respective cities, have no direct heavy rail connection, and travel therebetween can take as much as an hour by light rail. Rethinking I-94 offers a rare opportunity to bridge the gap, link the two downtowns, and unify the expanding Twin Cities rail network.

The I-94 Rail Coalition aims to educate the public about the need for a dedicated passenger rail corridor and urge MnDOT to include a rail option in its list of transportation alternatives.

Join our Discord server to stay up-to-date on the latest information pertaining to Rethinking I-94. We also run a Twitter account with all project information, meeting details, community events, and our weekly S-Bahn Sunday threads, where you can learn about what makes a world-class regional rail network. Most importantly - show up to Rethinking I-94 events and spread the word!

Have more questions? Visit our FAQ page!

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